September 21, 2011  

Become a Hero, Earth needs a bunch of them at least!

NGD Studios announces that Bunch of Heroes is finally available on STEAM and GamersGate.
The Bunch is the most formidable team of elite fighters ever assembled from around the world. What brought them together? Well, obviously the Earth is under attack! An alien invasion is threatening all humankind, without regards to gender, color or nationality. And these nasty aliens have a powerful Zombie Army™ at their disposal!

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August 4, 2011  

NGD Studios’ flagship product continues to consolidate worldwide.

NGD Studios is proud to announce that Regnum Online is now available for the Brazilian market.
The Free to Play MMORPG featuring intense Player vs. Player and Realm vs. Realm action was fully localized in Portuguese.

In partnership with BoaCompra, Regnum Online is now one of the best options for gamers from Brazil and also from Portugal looking for a deep and engaging competitive experience in their own language.

August 3, 2011  

We’re going to be at GamesCom and GDC Europe!

NGD Studios GamesCom

It’s going to be our first time in the European game industry scene and we’re very excited to meet the press and share some incredible material about our coming title Bunch of Heroes.
And we’d also love to meet with publishers, investors and key players looking for opportunities to work together with the best studio in South America.
Just send us an e-mail to contact [at] ngdstudios [dot] com and we’ll schedule a meeting.

June 21, 2011  

The best Free-to-play MMORPG is now broadcasted all over America!

Realms Online TV spot shows some amazing action. Take a look and see why this game rocks! Courtesy of Funimation and the Game Samba team

May 3, 2011  

The best RvR MMORPG was launched in North America in partnership with GameSamba

GameSamba today announced the launch of its latest Free-2-Play MMORPG, Realms Online. Realms Online, known as Regnum online in Latin American and Europe, has been localized for the North American market and is being released with all of the content from the latest Warmasters expansion. Players can create accounts for FREE at

March 16, 2011  

Check the explosive trailer for the GDC!

We have released the latest game trailer of our upcoming cooperative top-down shooter: Bunch of Heroes.

Showcased for the first time at GDC 2011, this new trailer reveals the final design of the main characters, all-new game features including competitive gameplay modes and new locations such as the World War Cemetery and even Mars!

Bunch of Heroes is slated for a Q2 2011 release on major digital content delivery platforms.

Become a Hero, Earth needs a bunch of them at least!

February 21, 2011  

Regnum Online’s biggest expansion ever!

The second great expansion in the world of Regnum Online brings engaging gameplay and exciting realm based PVP action to continue the Regnum Online legacy. Now users will be able to gain experience up to level 60 and become a true Master of War.

Warmasters offers an expansion rich in content and packed with game-changing features including a level cap increase, the addition of a new PVP experience system, new master level skills and a re-vamped invasions system.

New features and additions:

  • +10 Level increase – Achieve a new level of 60!
  • More discipline and power points – elevate your powers and skills beyond the norm
  • Dozens of new items – become the ultimate warrior with the best equipment
  • Warmaster equipment – Get those master coins to become a true master of war!
  • Improved invasion system – even more dynamic and even more fun.
  • New Areas – high level training areas in the War Zone
  • New experience curve – get to the War Zone faster!!!
  • New master level skills – Specially designed to turn the tide of a battle

Regnum Online Warmasters is going live on February 21st 2011.

The Alsius Empire, the Syrtis Republic and the Brotherhood of Ignis are waiting for you.

Only the true masters in the art of war will lead their realm to Victory!

January 27, 2011  

We’re going to be at GDC2011 and Game Connection

Once again on the road, all the way from Buenos Aires to take part in Game Connection and attend the GDC2011. If you want to meet with us to talk business, just write a line biz [at] ngdstudios [dot] com. The management team – Johan, Andrés and Ezequiel – will be more than happy to meet you.

Also, a group of our kick-ass developers will be at GDC2011, some to the Summits, some to the Main Conferences, all of them at every party. Feel free to contact them to talk about Regnum Online, Bunch of Heroes and everything else but our top secret projects :) .

January 25, 2011  

Announces acquisition of a studio focused on casual games

Hungry Game is a two year old studio founded by industry veterans in Argentina. They have developed several high profile games for the iPhone on 2010 including Fly Kiwi, Fly! Freaking Inkies and Sir Lovalot.

NGD has now gained access to one of the most prolific and highly regarded development teams in Latin-America. By combining the passion, creativity, and technology of these two leading companies, NGD will continue to drive forward the burgeoning game development industry in Argentina.

“Our competence advances tremendously with the addition of Hungry Game. We have now reached a level where we can take on bigger projects but also build high-end casual and social games. Hungry Game gives us that breadth of knowledge” said Johan Christenson, Executive Director of NGD Studios.

“This strategic decision sets the foundation of a new major creative force. We are happy to join forces with the great people behind Regnum Online and continue in a path of creating wonderful games, from Buenos Aires to the World” said, Ezequiel Baum Managing Director of Hungry Game, now taking the same role at NGD Studios

Johan Christenson and Andrés Chilkowski will continue on NGD’s management team as Executive Director and Studio Director respectively. As part of this acquisition, NGD Studios is adopting a new image as seen in the new company Logo.

January 24, 2011  

It was about time!

We are happy to present to you our new corporate website. Here you will have all relevant information about our products and services.

You can also follow us and our products: