We at NGD Studios have a long proven track record working for first class companies doing the best we know: High Quality Games.

Our team is comprised of the best professionals in Argentina, covering every key aspect of the game development process.

Our passion, process and experience give us and edge developing high-end 3D products using both proprietary and licensed technology (i.e. Unity3D).

Our privileged geographical position enhances our feedback capabilities. Either if you’re on the West Coast or in Europe, we’ll always have at least half a day to work together online.

Our cost competitiveness assures you that the crucial budget-quality trade-off will be balanced. We deliver the best quality you can get and your budget will always be in line with your expectations.

Our customers are happy, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

“It’s not every day you are able to find a quality studio that has creative talent tied with a very strong understanding for daily business needs. Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of getting to know and working closely with NGD Studios on a new project for Cartoon Network. From the proposal pitch to day one of working with the studio on this new project I have been extremely impressed with the work ethic everyone in the studio possesses. Having the ability to adapt, try new approaches, build from feedback, work independently and create a solid foundation to iterate from extremely quick, have been invaluable during the time we have had on this project. Quality, creativity and knowledge are all staples that have been shown time and time again during each review and with everything they have worked on.”

Jeff Riggall – Sr. Games Producer – Cartoon Network Game Studio

If you have a great idea, bring it on. We can make it into a great game.

Contact us: dev-services [at] ngdstudios [dot] com