Bunch of Heroes

“Bunch of Heroes” is a humorous 4 player cooperative top-down shooter for the PC.

The Bunch, is the most formidable team of fighters from different parts of the world ever assembled. What brought them together? Well, obviously the Earth is under attack!!! An Alien Invasion is threatening all of humankind, with no regard to gender, color or nationality. And these nasty Aliens have a powerful Zombie Army™!

Play as Agent Liu, Jared Joe, El Camarada or Captain Smith as humanity’s last line of defense. Survive by any means necessary wielding a huge arsenal that includes flame throwers, rail guns and gravity bombs. Or charge over-the-top super powers that will annihilate your enemies! Cooperate online with up to 4 players, level up and improve your character.

“Bunch of Heroes” features stylized cartoon like artwork, retro inspired music, cutting edge technology, great humor and cooperative gameplay to inspire zombie killers and Alien haters alike all over the world!

Become a Hero, Earth needs a bunch of them at least!


  • Play with your friends in the 4 player cooperative online campaign
  • Random Mission Generator for infinite replay value
  • 4 Playable characters with amazing Ultra attacks
  • Dozens of fun and wacky enemies
  • A huge arsenal of weaponry to massacre your enemies
  • Move and use turrets to gain tactical advantage
  • Attribute based character progression system

Website: www.bunchofheroes.com

Target Platforms:  PC/Windows (ATM)

Release date: Q3.2011

Technology: Perfection Engine (Proprietary / Leo Benaducci)

Bunch of Heroes GDC 2011 Trailer

Bunch of Heroes Announcement Trailer