The Voices of Master of Orion

February 18, 2016  

Mark Hamill, Alan Tudyk, Michael Dorn, and more incredible talent bring Master of Orion to life!

Master of Orion - Mark Hamill

Master of Orion’s expertly-voiced characters transport you to the far reaches of space. WG Labs has assembled a veritable who’s who of voice acting talent. “Having some of the most iconic science fiction, horror, and video game voice talent lending their skills to the game only helps us realize this amazing universe in even more exciting ways,” says Chris Keeling, Director of Product Vision at WG Labs.

In addition to announcing this star-studded voice cast, we’re also excited to reveal the Early Access date and pricing information for the Master of Orion Collector’s Edition. Beginning on February 26th, 2016, explorers will be able to purchase the Collector’s Edition from Steam and, retailing at $49.99 USD.

For more information, visit Master of Orion’s official website.